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Amazing! Vinny was a live wire before this 6-week course! I would recommend to anyone. We will be attending the following courses. See you soon, you havent seen the back of Vinny yet! Michaela and Vinny

I would def recommend Mechelle and Amanda. Lots of patience with teaching me! Ha, and Rosie is much more behaved. Lorraine & Rosie


Great class, feel much closer to my dog and feel like he takes more notice of me. Thank you! Chloe and Ronnie.


Great training class, really gained a lot of insight and knowledge with regards to not only my own dog's needs but that of dog behaviour in general. Claire & Dooley


We enjoyed coming to the class with our son, he learned as much as us and he now has a much better relationship with our dog Milly as a result. Thank You. Helen & Milly


We would highly recommend curlabull training. We have learnt lots of new skills along the way to continue with Charley's training.


Attending the course has transformed Daisy's behaviour. Roberta & Daisy


A very good course. Big improvements in Noodles behaviour. Highly recommend the course. Thank you for all of the advice. Anita & Ramsey


Trainer helped me enormously to understand my dog and how important communication and being consistent is. Mechelle helped my confidence as Jasper is my first dog. Highly recommend her. Lisa & Jasper


Fab training and goos support from trainers The Harrisons & Stan


Can't believe the difference in Olivers' Behaviour. We will regular customers. Thank you so much for your advice, training and support. Michelle & Oliver


Highly recommend Curlabull Canine Training, it covers all aspects for a new puppy. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Denise & Ellie.


Very Good class. Rosie has improved so much in this class. I have really enjoyed coming. Amelie (junior handler) Tony and Rosie.


Excellent. I am amazed at how she's come on. Can't believe the progress in six weeks. Thanks, Mechelle so much. Julie & Harlo.


Michelle was fabulous with our lab cross. Lots of sensible advice specific to our lively big girl. Thanks so much. Down to us to practise now. Phil & Mabel.


Valuable training for people as well as dogs. Excellent. Judith & Gruff.


My knowledge of my dog and handling har has improved massively. My confidence as a dog owner has grown and Beau has improved massively. Jennifer & Beau.


Jax has calmed down a lot and we have learned through this course. Aiden & Jax.


Peggy is much more confident now and I am now able to take her for walks which is great. She also listens to commands more now. Kelly & Peggy


A great trainer, uses different techniques if your dog does not respond, lots of ideas. Also helps with at-home training. Teaches the person, not just the dog. Thanks, Margaret and Reggie.


A visible improvement was seen in all the puppies over the six-week course. Lynne & Millie


Having already attended one puppy course when Flynn was 13 weeks, I felt as though I learned more in the first week with Mechelle than throughout the whole of the previous course with another trainer (non-connected business). It was more about me learning how to train Flynn and I felt I achieved this and the improvement in Flynn was fantastic. Sharron & Flynn.


Absolutely loved the puppy training classes. Excellent input from the trainer. Highly recommend the course. Trainer is always willing to help out and give advice. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Learned a lot. Katrina & Lucy


I thought the training was excellent and I could see a huge improvement in my dog. Reannah & Jax.


Mechelle's classes have enabled us to achieve substantial improvements in Archie's behaviour.  Peter & Archie


The trainer is knowledgeable of different breeds and is quick to adapt to each dogs learning needs. It is easy to see the improvement happening as the course proceeds. Judith & Tilly


Mechelle is enthusiastic, motivated and knowledgeable. Mechelle has different techniques if for any reason your dog needs alternative techniques to work for you. Each dog is treated with respect and owners are too. Mechelle has time for everyone. Dorothy & Freya.


I am delighted in the difference in Daisy since I started the puppy class, she has gone from being a nervous puppy to a more approachable and better-behaved dog.

Anne & Daisy


For anyone wanting to learn about training and dog behaviour and how to correct poor behaviour, this must be the class for you. Thoroughly enjoyed the class interaction.

Michelle & Rhea


Absolutely amazing improvement in my Staffie in a very short time! Would definitely recommend this training school to everyone. Lucy loves a Monday so she can go to class. Mechelle is fantastic with the dogs and owners.

Debs & Lucy


Mechelle made us welcome from day one and despite our own failings, never made us feel inadequate. She made us feel that we were receiving one to one personal training directly aimed at Moss. Moss has improved enormously, huge benefits to both Moss and ourselves.

Rita and Moss.


The three of us have thoroughly enjoyed coming and have all learnt some new skills! Thanks very much for your help, advice and patience.

Hayley, Ian and Ralph.


You've done wonders with Snoopy. Amazed at how far she as come. Thank you.

Amanda with Snoopy


Mechelle has a natural affinity with dogs and is so patient and understanding. We feel Roger has really benefitted from the course. Thank you, Mechelle

Alan, Maureen and Roger.


As well as educating dogs I also learned a lot in the training process. I would recommend Mechelle to all as her skill in techniques (for dogs and owners alike) is a great reflection of her ability.

Mike with Keo & Leon.


Thank you for giving me the tools to train Betty. You always have time for another question and the small classes allow individual attention.

Rebecca & Betty.

Learnt loads, both about the dog and me as a handler. All owners should do this course. Karen and Nenet

Excellent training - I've learnt loads and have truly believed in promoting the training daily, and have seen fantastic results, Andrea and Dexter


Really friendly atmosphere, brilliant helpful trainers, really get the best out of the dogs. Makes training fun, and really makes you want to continue with training. Claire & Nahla


Very good advice and guidance. Sophie has improved week by week and now is much calmer than when she started, around other dogs. Carol & Sophie


Very good knowledge of trainers- delivered with humour and politeness. Individual dogs discussed and responded to with well thought out and helpful answers. Would recommend this course. Nora with Rafa.

The enthusiasm and experience of Mechelle encourages good practice and this does become a desire to be able to fully enjoy your dog. Would recommend to anyone with a young dog. Claire and Ted


Charlie is a typical Cocker- A 3 ring Circus going on in his head most of the time but just wants to play with other dogs. Tips learned in class definitely have helped and he has improved week by week. Would recommend anyone to do the puppy class, for us they have been invaluable. Thank you, Monica, Darren with Charlie.


Very impressed with the training plan and what my dog and I have achieved.

Hannah & Badger


Bella has certainly benefitted from the course, and also myself. Helen with Bella


Great Course. Ozzy has come on so well in such a short time. Thank you.

Jill & Ozzy

Have known Mechelle and Mik for more years than I care to count and can't think of two more dedicated people to Dogs. The accumulated knowledge between them is mind-blowing and I know any advice given would be the best available. Mechelle is a focused and driven accomplisher who always achieves what she aims for. Anyone's dog would be lucky to have these two in their lives. The only thing Mechelle ever did wrong was to not become a Vet.

Jane Nesbitt

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