Curlabull News Stories

Good Citizen Training and Tests

Hi, All and Happy New Year. 

New years challenge - get yourself ready for your next level of Good citizen test. We had a judge lined up last year to do the tests so how about we start training at home now with a view to doing the test fairly quickly after we get back. Give us all something to work towards, the light at the end of the tunnel stuff.

If this sounds like a good idea to you then ask to join our Curlabull Intermediate and advanced obedience group on Facebook, this is free to join if you have trained with us in the last 2 years but if your gap is longer, or if you have never trained with us, then we would need to charge a small joining fee, please just message me for details. Answer the joining questions and we will sign you in.

Each week I will post an exercise at each level and discuss how to do it and the issues that might happen and how to resolve them. I might even do a video or two! If you are in, just join the group and then drop the level you want to train for and the name of the dog and I will set you the tasks. Of course, the training would be FREE online and all we would expect would be a donation to charity on test night.

Curlabull Joins The Puppy Lab 

Mechelle has joined The Puppy Lab from the School of Canine Sciences. The idea behind this is to bring new elements into our already excellent puppy course. We are always on the lookout for new ideas and new training styles. This is part of the beauty of being independent, we can decide what we add to our courses and are not stuck to anyone else's training ideas. We cherry-pick from the rest to ensure that you get the best. 

The puppy course has already been rewritten post COVID with the new lockdown puppy socialisation booklet and we have added puppy proprioception training after Mechelle did a lot of study on canine anatomy and learning. 

Curlabull partners with tug-e-nuff toys

We are happy to announce that we have joined Tug-e-nuff toys as one of their partner trainers. 

We will be bringing you special offers, exclusive toy training information and 10% off all orders by using the word CURLABULL in the coupon box. 

Tug-e-nuff toys can be seen in class and you are welcome to try them to show their quality and effectiveness. These British made toys can be viewed on the Tug-e-nuff website. Feel free to use the link below.

fraser and lenny.jpg

Very Proud Trainer Moment

Young Fraser wrote a piece for the Kennel Club about his puppy training course with us, with his puppy Lenny.

The Kennel Club was so taken with the piece that they published it in the Kennel Gazette, and gave him a whole page. 

I think the piece speaks volumes for itself and shows that Fraser has as much talent with the written word as he does with training dogs. 

Watch out for them, they have a bright future in the world of dogs. 


What a fabulous Crufts 2020

I am awarded my KCAI award from the Kennel Club - making me a Kennel Club fully Accredited Trainer

and Denise, One of our Rally Team Qualified for the Crufts Northern Rally Team, such a proud moment for a small training group. 

More excellent news - The Northern team, have won the interregional Rally competition, well-done everyone. 

denise and monet.jpg
diesel ceilidh flowers.jpg

Lovely Flowers to say thank you for our prompt action with a dog in class, who suffered a cluster seizure. Our Prompt action has allowed the dog to make a full recovery. Thank goodness we have had fist class Canine First Aid training from K999.Direct