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Group training is beginning again, please read our instructions carefully 

COVID 19 rules – Curlabull Canine Training

Please follow these rules for everyone’s safety.

  1. Do not attend class if you feel unwell, or have a persistent cough or high temperature or have lost your sense of taste and smell

  2. Handlers need to be advised that attending classes is at their own risk and they will be required to follow strict social distancing measures when entering the premises and during each session.

  3. If a handler feels unwell during the class they must inform the trainer and leave the class.

  4. All future bookings will be taken via the website, this will allow us to accurately collect the required data for Track and Trace as well as allow us to become cashless with all payments being processed through the website. For those training at Leadgate Community Centre, they must also record their details in the community centre book at each visit. 

  5. Arrive 5 minutes before your class starts but remain in the car park until called. Please do not enter the community centre or field until the last class has vacated. All sessions will now be 50 minutes to allow people movement and cleaning. Rally will be 1 hour 50 minutes

  6. Park, with a good distance between cars. Please do not get out of your car until the previous class have left the site.

  7. Both Indoors and outdoors we can only accommodate one person per dog due to the new restrictions which come in force on the 14th September. We are classed as training and not a social gathering, therefore you must not stand and chat together in the hall

  8. Wear clean clothing for training, so that transmission of the virus is less.

  9. Masks must be worn indoors when entering the building, moving around the hall and leaving. Masks must be worn when you are actually training the dog unless you are exempt or you become out of breath wearing the mask while training but you must ensure you adhere to social distancing at all times. 

  10. Go to the cleaning station (table) waiting in turn with social distancing.

  11. Wipe your dog over with a baby wipe (not an antibacterial wipe) on arrival at class and place waste in the bin to remove the virus on the coat.

  12. Use the hand sanitizer available at the cleaning station

  13. Wipe your dog lead with antibacterial liquid and a paper towel, or antibacterial wipe and put waste into the bin bag provided.

  14. Bring your own chair, both indoors and outdoors and sit 2 metres away from others. 

  15. For Agility and Rally setting up and putting away will be done wearing gloves. Gloves must be used at all times when touching poles and other equipment.

  16. For Rally, do not touch the signs without gloves, Mechelle will move signs and cones as needed during the class. At the end of class, all signs will be stored for a week before reuse so that the virus will have died. Signs can be collected at the end if handlers are wearing gloves and stored in the van.

  17. Bring your own equipment, where possible, including long tracking lines, toys, mats, water bottles and water bowls, poop bags and a spare lead.

  18. In the case of an emergency, the trainer will have gloves and a mask available. A first aid kit will be on-site at all times. Please follow the trainers’ advice in an emergency situation.

  19. Treats and equipment will be available for sale but will not be on show. Please ask and we will get them and sanitise them for you.

  20. Please do not let dogs play with each other, minimal contact between dogs is advised.

  21. No cash will be taken in classes and all classes will be paid in advance. Payments will be made either in advance or by contactless card for treats etc.

  22. At the end of class, it is advisable to wipe your dog with a baby wipe and clean your hands before you return home.

  23. If the area goes into a local or National lockdown, the training will roll over the class or course to the next possible date. No refunds will be available. If you have a start date but the area goes into lockdown, your date will be moved backwards to accommodate finishing the current classes. All puppies, both currently training and booked in for future, will be granted access to the online course in the case of a lockdown. 

  24. In the case of the trainer feeling unwell or the weather is not suitable for working outside, a notice will be placed on the Curlabull Facebook page and we will attempt to contact everyone by Facebook messager service or text. The class will roll over to the next available week (this maybe two weeks if COVID isolation), no refunds will be available.

  25. The Kennel Club has stated that we can only administer Puppy Foundation and Bronze awards, Silver and Gold assessments can not be completed. 


Advice will be subject to change as the Government Guidance and the advice from the CFSG or KC changes.

latest update 8/4/21

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